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General Questions

Yes, gingerGreen is perfect for establishing new lawns from bare soil.

In extreme situations where soil quality is poor we recommend adding 20grams of Super Phosphate per square metre.

Our gingerGreen lawns are a permanent fixture that if looked after correctly and maintained will last for many years to come as all our lawns grow throughout the year.

It is very seldom that it is necessary to over sow with seed as our lawns have a spreading growth habit that quickly spreads and thickens to repair areas of normal damage or fatigue.

Over sowing with seeds will be necessary if you have existing lawns that are brown, patchy, non existent or in need of renovation etc.

gingerGreen lawn seeds are well suited for South Africa’s conditions and has the ability to grow and thrive in many different soil conditions including infertile and sandy soils where other grasses will not grow.

gingerGreen will grow in both full sun and shaded areas.

Our seeds can be sown all year round.

Growing new lawns using our gingerGreen Lawn Seeds is extremely easy and can be accomplished in a few easy steps.


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